Valentine’s day

  No, this is not one would think it is. I am not from the generation which celebrated Valentine’s day, ever. I am from before this culture took on. However, things have a way of growing into you. Countless commercials that scream love, and encountering it at every turn, allows it to seep into you. … More Valentine’s day

The journey

A feeling of unrest, a disquiet, a restless state where nothing brings you joy. All that you see is dark grey bleakness. You feel trapped, and do not see any light. Your soul remembers the vibrant blue skies, and the warm light, but they seem far, far away, in another time, in another place, eons … More The journey

The Day Ahead

Dawn, An awakening, A rising, A new day, Full of possibilities, Anticipation, Stretching ahead.   An intent, A purpose, Eagerness, To embrace the day, To fly unhindered, Towards the goal.   An awareness, A balancing thought Of uncertainty, Of imponderables, Of the unexpected, That may emerge   Acceptance, Respect, A perspective, A realization, Of the … More The Day Ahead