Valentine’s day


No, this is not one would think it is. I am not from the generation which celebrated Valentine’s day, ever. I am from before this culture took on. However, things have a way of growing into you. Countless commercials that scream love, and encountering it at every turn, allows it to seep into you. You turn on the online music portal, and there it is- A list for valentine’s day, retro list, current list, so on and so forth. Your younger friends post pretty pictures of pink roses and hearts on face book, as you watch ,amused.

Did we miss something, you ask. So, when husband brings you a cup of coffee in the morning you say, “happy valentine’s day, for whatever it is worth”. He shrugs his shoulder and sits down. Juvenile stuff, probably that’s what’s going on in his mind. Memories rush back, of when one was younger. The trips to the Ice cream shop, getting me Ice cream sundaes till I cried enough. The card on the first birthday after our marriage, with written down messages. Was that all true? We have become so familiar, that I can out guess him when he speaks. He can do that too. The online messaging world has taken over, and there are no cards or receive now. Waste of time and money. Hubby dear is not into this facebook, whatsapp stuff. Juvenile again, and waste of time, he has lot more work to do, the same time can be well spent. But the old art of letter and cards has been conveniently forgotten too. What’s there to tell. Yes, we love each other, that’s a given, what’s the use of a day to “proclaim” your love? It’s there, like there is oxygen in the air around you, it’s there like the constant rumble of traffic outside on the street.

Some part of you is wistful. Yes love is in your lives, integrated enough to be unobtrusive, but would it hurt , to be mindful of it, sometimes? Would it hurt, to acknowledge the constant, taken for granted presence? Would it hurt to put yourself in the others shoes and send thoughts, maybe a flower, maybe a look, a hand hold, that sends gratitude for what is?

The day takes over, the routine rumbles on drowning the small voice. There are things to be done, a thousand things scream for your attention. It is a day, like any other. “Seize the day!” Scream the “feel- good” quotes on twitter. Ok, day, here I come, to take what you give me, to experience what comes, and learn, and lament. Bring it on!

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